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FAQ - General Questions

Q. What is Art Clay Silver?
Art Clay Silver is a pure metal powder mixed with non-toxic binders and water. When fired in a kiln, or with a small butane torch, the binders burn away, leaving pure, 99.9% silver. Art Clay Silver can be added to a variety of media: glass, ceramics, porcelain and polymer clay to name a few. It can be rolled, sculpted, stamped, sanded, filed, engraved, drilled and pre-polished, all prior to firing. Once fired it’s pure silver and can treated like any other pure silver. More information about the different products can be found here.
Q. What makes Art Clay Silver great?
Silver Art Clay shrinks only 8-10%, with Low Fire shrinking only 8-9%, the lowest in the industry. Art Clay Silver includes a broad range of products, like Oil Paste, Overlay Paste and Slow Dry, products that fit particular needs, and offer a more complete range of materials to create with. Using Art Clay Silver consistently results in beautiful pieces.
Q. How is Art Clay manufactured?
Art Clay is a recycled product manufactured by Aida Industries in Japan. Aida recycles and reclaims a variety of different metals, and the silver comes from many different sources, like film stock and negatives.
The Aida company prides itself on being a "green" company.
Q. What are the basic steps in working with Art Clay?
Read the directions which are included in the package. Shape the malleable clay. Dry following one of the recommended processes. Detail the greenware with files, sandpaper or your favorite tools. Dry again to ensure it is ready to fire. Fire. Finish.
Q. What is the secret to success in working with Art Clay Silver?
The secret is to follow the 10-80-10 rule. Spend no more than 10% of your time working on the roughing out the shape while the clay is malleable. Allow 80% of your time to focus on working the dry clay into the exact state you want. This is where you file, sand, cut, and engrave your work. The piece should be mostly finished. The remaining 10% should come after the firing, and spent finishing the piece, sanding and polishing.
Q. What is the difference between Low Fire Clay and Regular Art Clay Silver?
Low Fire Clay can do everything regular clay can do, and much more. The Low Fire Clay fires as low at 650C which allows for greater compatibility with more materials and gemstones like moonstone. It only shrinks 8-9%, the lowest in the industry. Regular clay works great, but should never be fired below 800C, and shrinks a little bit more, around 8-10%.We have concentrated on stocking only the 650 Low Fire clay in South Africa, because of the possibilities of the torch firing!
Q. Where Can I buy Art Clay?
You can buy Art Clay directly through us by phone or email.

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