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New Moulds

Art Clay Silver South Africa has created a superior range of moulds for the crafter.
Made particularly for the Silver Clay artist, they can also be used for paper clay, polymer clay, as sprig moulds for ceramic work, or for sugar art.
They are mainly presented in a plain form, to leave the final decorating and embellishment to the choice of the crafter.
Most of the moulds have 3 sizes, suitable for earrings, rings, pendants or button tops.
All moulds R200-00 each including VAT, postage extra. e-mail us to place orders
Besides those below, more finished project ideas and mould pictures can be found by clicking here
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small ankh mould
Classic Ankh shape, can be decorated in many ways, or simply add a gemstone of your choice
small lizard mould
Elegant lizard, make wonderful charms in 3 sizes, embellish with gems, syringe work, and silver flakes.
chameleon mould
The chameleon really lends itself to many ways of decoration!
long fish mould
Long Fish - Another classic shape with a smooth surface waiting to be embellished with scales, syringe work, gemstones, and anything else you can think of!
round fish mould
This fish has shapes that can have gemstones set into them, or as seen in the example here, have the centre cut away and replaced with syringe filigree "scales"
small flower mould
A dainty little flower shape.
frog mouldfrog flowery
One of the most popular moulds, a cute little frog
gekko mould
Another popular little fellow, the gekko.
Moulded to be able to create the big toes without them being too fragile.
round pots mould
Classic African pot shape, shown here as a set of pendant and earrings, and a jewelled single piece.
The domed pot mould shape also lends itself to shaping pieces for bracelet links, as shown here..
large pot mould
This is the extra large pot of the same shape.
This makes a very striking large pendant piece, as shown in the example.
star mould
Classic Star of David with a twist! Can be left plain or have birthstone colour gems added as example.
mask mould
This is the first in the "African Mask" series
Graduated size of the pieces would also lend to the creation of pieces for a bracelet.
mask mould
This mask has lots of plain surfaces to decorate!
mask mould
Another made for ornamentation of many sorts!

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